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Russian women are well-known for their beauty, intelligence, education and serious attitude towards relationships and life. They are down-to-earth, family oriented and faithful. Many American women are more career minded and do not have those old world traditional family values and care that are really inbred and are the main priorities for Russian Ladies. Present day Russian women in general are able to speak at least some or good English, often they speak several languages: mainly German, French, Italian, Spanish. Large age differences usually are not an issue for Russian women. Often, they prefer to marry a man 10-20 years older than themselves. Russian women view older men as more mature, serious, responsible and stable. They are just more marriage minded, more sincere and more reliable than the average American woman and besides that they are mostly beautiful women.

They are mostly Caucasians and as you know the average white male in America is Caucasian. That is to say their ancestoral roots are in the Caucuses Mountain area of Russia. So you could say most white American people no matter from which modern country they originate ultimately orignated in the Caucuses. There may be large language differences but there is actually no racial difference at all.

So why do Russian woman want to leave their country of birth on a quest to a strange country, the USA, with a strange man? If you will ask, every girl will give you different answer to this question. Some of them are looking for romantic love and believe that their second half can be anywhere in a world. Some of them did not find a good husband in their own country, disappointed by Russian men and are looking for someone serious, reliable and loving from another country. In general Russian women are seeking a stable life for their future children in a country that has good values and security. The primary goal for them is to find reliable, kind and loyal men to build a strong and happy family with them. If they do not find such a man in Russia, they look abroad. Open borders and the internet are now giving them an excellent opportunity for success.

Here is another important factor. According to statistics, there is a shortage of Russian men in the country in general. Alcoholism is also affecting many Russian men, making them unable to keep a strong and happy family. Bad economic conditions make it difficult for Russian men to support a family. Russian women find American men desirable because they view them as optimistic, healthy, reliable, sophisticated and stable, and this represents everything the Russian men are not. Because of the health factors Russian men look 10-15 years older than western men and live a shorter life span.

According to a survey among Russian ladies, they believe that American men take better care of themselves, dress better, and have a better attitude towards fun and happy life. Russian men often only want sex and booze and have no fine manners to speak of.

American men, according to Russian woman, are more caring and attentive to the needs of their wives and their children. When Russian woman decide to select a spouse from America, they are thinking very far into the future and have all the intentions of making the marriage a lasting one. They certainly will want to hold on to a good thing when they get it.

Russian women are generally not poverty stricken but are not generally used to the luxuries taken for granted in the USA. Therefore, they do not have all too high expectations from relationships. All they are looking for is a man's ability to provide for a family and make the life of their future children secure and comfortable. A Russian woman's priority is to find true love and create domestic coziness with her second half, therefore "rich" is not important: reliable, responsible and kind-hearted is.

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