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Though most of the MARRIAGE AGENCY industry tries very hard to give you what you pay for, a rising number of foreign women have found a way to make a quick buck by taking advantage of lonely men. Trust me, this trend is nothing new and it can only be fueled by men who are foolish enough to send money to women they have never met. This article is designed for you to hear the stories of other men so you can recognize the typical games the dishonest ladies are playing so you can avoid becoming a victim.

The first and last rule to avoid a scam is DON'T SEND MONEY!

The first rule of thumb is not to send money to any women until you meet her. Even seemingly small amounts can set the wrong standards. $10 a month from ten different guys and a Russian lady can retire. If a woman requests travel expenses to another city to meet you, tell her you will reimburse her when you get there.

Here is one typical story:

"At first it was only $5 for postage, then it was $50 for dental work. The last Western Union wire I sent her was for $1,500!

She said she could get a visa and come to visit me so I wouldn’t have to go to Russia. What a joke. That was the last I ever heard from her."

"I like to report that this lady Natalia Chourbakova is a scammer. Right now she is sending me letters and we are corresponding with each other. Natalia has sent a few letters to me and, in her fourth letter, she said she ran short on money for her trip to come and see me. She has asked me to send $650.00 US to her through western union. I sure will not be doing that!"

TrustingFool writes, "I have fell victom to Natasha Karpowa's scam. General scam: Small town near Irkutsk, flight to Moscow was more expensive then she thought, has about $500 and needs $700 more to buy ticket to US. Like an idiot I sent that to her. "

The girls, many of whom are totally amazed at how easy it is to part a lovesick American guy from his money, get the very clear message that his cash doesn't have much value to him, so they do the same thing you or I or anyone would do if you found a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk, and especially if you were a Russian girl working your fanny off for four dollars a day – they keep the money with no strings attached.

Because, in reality that was how the guy pretended to give it. But suddenly the lonely guy, who was secretly hoping to get romance and love and devotion without earning it, by buying it, doesn't get what he expected, he cries "SCAM!" to try and save a little face. To punish the girl, but mostly so he doesn't look like a complete idiot to his friends. And the girl, who has little interest in a shallow materialistic jerk ,spreads the word that this is a great way to make a little extra spending money.

We encourage you to search for your future bride. But, be careful and remember the first rule – dont' send money!

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