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If you are tired of the dating game, and disappointed in dating websites, then you’ve come to the right place. With, you can be sure that our members are on the same page as you. All members are genuine marriage seekers and ready for commitment to the right person. So, you don’t have to worry about entering relationships that come to nothing. Take the shortcut to marriage with!

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The eMarryMe marriage agency is a USA owned and operated company that is committed to ensuring that marriage seekers all over the world can find each other in a respectable and safe environment.

We are also dedicated to protecting the rights of our members. For the ladies, and the men, there are warnings and cautions on this website that will help to inform and safeguard against scams and the like. Also, we have auto scam-filters to ensure that there are no unsavory solicitations or any suspicious requests. Plus, we offer valuable information and links regarding U.S visas.


All our male marriage seekers are North American residents of respectable stature, financially and physically. And, they are mentally strong men who will love and cherish the one of their dreams.

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