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The IMBRA Law - International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005; Applicable to USA individuals contacting foreign individuals with a view to marriage

On January 5, 2006, President Bush signed the IMBRA law into being with the enacting date of 6 March 2006. The law allows for the disclosure forms to be filled in and signed electronically, much in the same way that you sign the website's Terms and Conditions when you register. Sample IMRA form.

It is easy for the ladies to sign your release form - they receive and sign your disclosure form online, and once they've done it, you can communicate without any problems. You as an USA client will need to fill in the disclosure form only once.

This law was created to protect foreign prospective marriage partners from possible abusive spouses.

However, looking at in another way, truthful disclosure is always a good policy when starting out a relationship. No one will ever be able to say you kept a deep dark secret to yourself. Besides that, any items on your disclosure can be a very good talking point for you and your prospective honey - a way to get to know each other better and sound each other out. Don’t let the disclosure put you off, women are interested in an honest sincere man, more than anything else, and a man is always looking for a compassionate understanding woman. The disclosure will bring those attributes out of people every time.

Then we have the future legal aspect to consider. All fiancée visa and spouse visa interviews for an entry visa to the USA have a mandatory question concerning whether you complied with the IMBRA law. According to the law, every foreign fiancé/fiancée will have to answer during the visa interview the question whether or not he/she met their USA boyfriend/girlfriend via an agency, and if yes, then they will have to disclose what agency it was and whether the agency was complying with the new law. If by some unfortunate chance you have already met someone through any agency, whether it be a Dating agency or a Marriage agency and they did not take care of the IMBRA issues, then we strongly suggest that you both join e Marryme right now and get on the right side of the law. We provide you both with written verification of IMBRA compliance, free of charge, which you can show to the authorities at your Fiancée visa interview.

We take care of all the issues for you. The new law requires agencies to translate men's disclosure statements into the ladies native language, get them to electronically sign the release and convey this information back to the man.

Remember, the Fiancé visa outcome is in no way determined by what is on your IMBRA declaration. The only important fact is that you did submit one, that it was given to her in her native language , and that the lady has acknowledged it. That’s all there is to it.

Disclaimer: This page was compiled by for information purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. For legal advice, please contact an immigration lawyer.